For our first meeting of the year we were joined by Melinda Higgins, senior biostatistician and associate research professor in Nursing at Emory.She gave the group an overview of the principles of reproducible research, including some very interesting background that provided examples of why it is important. We can all benefit from learning more about the papers she highlighted. Links to many of those papers and related writings can be found in the very detailed timeline in a blog post linked to in her presentation. You can also check out some of the books she mentioned, like "Implementing Reproducible Research" by Stodden et al. To hear Melinda walk through the history of reproducibility firsthand, watch this screencast she shared: The screencast also includes her introduction and brief demo of tools for reproducible research, like R Markdown.

Now that Melinda's talk has you motivated to improve the reproducibility of your own research, check out her Coursera course that will walk you through how to do it: You can find out more about Melinda at her personal site, check out her projects on Github, and follow her on Twitter.